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Glamping in Portugal

12 Places to do Glamping in Portugal

Nowadays is possible to do Camping with Glamour in Portugal. I´s Glamping the name.

Now there are spacious tents with beds like those of five-star hotels.

The comfort is the same, but with all the advantages of those who enjoy camping: to be in contact with nature.

There are tents like the yurt (from Mongolia) and the tipi (like like those of the American Indians).

We show you below, 12 places where you can do Glamping:


1-Eco-Lodge Brejeira, Silves

The perfect place to enjoy your holidays and savour the peace while you get to know Portugal in a unique and ecological way.

Experience the true meaning of “glamping”, or glamorous camping: camping at its best, in a Mongolian Yurt or an old gipsy van. An adventure you won’t forget, experienced in comfort, surrounded by nature.

Situated in the centre of the Algarve, a stone’s throw from the relaxed town of Silves and not far from the coast and the Serra de Monchique, Eco-lodge Brejeira is the ideal base from which to explore all the beautiful places of South Portugal.

Yurt, Eco-Lodge Brejeira


Yurt Interior


Gipsy Van, Eco-Lodge Brejeira


Fire Van, Eco-Lodge Brejeira

2- Casa Tuia, Carvoeiro

Casa Tuia is composed of four luxurious wooden tents-they call Safari. All of them have a bathroom, a kitchen with stove, a fridge, a coffe machine and garden views.

Casa Tuia also includes two apartments with capacity for four people, with terrace.


In all of them there are doors and closets with Bali (Indonesia) wood. This is the case of sun umbrellas that surround the entire pool area.

Casa Tuia


Casa Tuia Interior


3-Natura Glamping, Serrra da Gardunha, Fundão

At 925 meters altitude, in the middle of the Serra da Gardunha, more precisely in Alcongosta, in the county of Fundão. The space has seven tents in the form of geodesic domes (kind of giant igloo): six are for accommodation and one for events.

The tents for the guests have the shape of the letter “T” and two double beds, a sitting area and a private bathroom  with hydromassage shower. There is also a minibar, a salamander, a wardrobe and a panoramic window with about eight meters.

Natura Glamping


Natura Glamping, Alcongosta, Fundão

Natura Glamping Rooms


4- Portugal Nature Lodge, Beja

 It´s tru that  the landscape is a bit different from the African-no giraffes, elephants and lions. Apart from that, the experience in the tent Safari is as close as possible with a luxury safari in Africa, to leave Portugal.

 With a magnificeint view over the mounts and valleys of Alentejo, the tent has an interior bathroom, kitchen and a spacious balcony built on the hillside. In addition to the double bed.
The Portugal Nature Lodge is on Monte Malhadins and on the 7.5 hectares of land there are also four tents and a yurt, with a skylight in the ceiling.

Portugal Nature Lodge

American Tipi Tents

5-Cascais Oásis, Cascais, Lisbon

Each tent has its own theme (Morocco, safari, romance and ocean), but elegant decor and ample space are common to all. As there are no walls, guests can sleep by “door” open.

Outside, there are two other reasons to choose Cascais Oasis: rest hammocks that are scattered throughout the large garden and a pool of natural springs.

Cascais Oasis, Quinta do Villar


6-Yurt Holiday Portugal, Arganil

Yurt Holiday Portugal’s two yurts have everything a hotel room has. But the atmosphere is much more welcoming and the contact with nature is a constant.

The Chestnut Tree Yurt and the Apple Tree Yurt were built on a platform behind a chestnut tree (a shade guaranteed all day long), but it allows you to enjoy solar energie.

Yurt Holiday Room


Chestnut Tree Yurt and Apple Tree Yurt

8 Things To Do In The Algarve This Winter

Things to do in Algarve

Algarve is a great winter getaway. We suggest a few things to do:


1-Ride in the Ria Formosa

The Ria Formosa is one of the most fascinating places in the Algarve. Covering the municipalities of Vila Real de Santo António, Faro, Olhão and Tavira, the Natural Park stretches over 60 km, offering unique landscapes.

 Come to discover this place going through the channels and take time to observe the various species of birds that pass through in the colder months of the year.

Ria Formosa


Ria Formosa´s wild species


2- Walking on the beach or in the countryside

Algarve beaches are known internationally and in summer it is almost impossible to visit them without tripping over a towel or go against a sun umbrella. Now, imagine having the Tavira Island with few people on the beach, just strolling and enjoying the winter sun?

If you are not a big fan of the beach, regardless of the time of year, you always have the mountains as an option. Nothing like a trip to Monchique, Caldeirão, Cachopo to get a different view on the Algarve landscape.

Tavira´s Island


Donkey of Tavira mountains


Alcaria de Cume (Tavira mountains-Caldeirão)


3- Playing Golfe

Algarve Golf Courses are some of the crown jewels of the region and play a game could be a good choise.

With sea views and mountain views, Algarve´s countryside offers world-renowed conditions.

From the West to the East, the diffuclt thing is to choose.

Quinta da Ria Golf Course



4- Take care of yourself

With the strict winter and the time to spend since the last time you took a vacation, enjoy a trip to the Algarve to pamper yourself. To the south you will find some of the best spas in the country!

Between Portimão and Vilamoura, there are numerous hotel units that offer luxury treatments and massages that invite relaxation.

In the Mountains of Mochique you find the Baths of Caldas de Monchique, where, in addition to the usual thermal therapies, you can opt for a wide range of treatments and spa rituals. ranging from jet and vichy showers to massages, sludge application and a relaxation circuit with a heated indoor pool.

Villa termal of Caldas de Monchique.


Caldas de Monchique


5- Surfing

The best time of the year to surf in Algarve is in winter.

Sagres is one of the destinations for those who want to surf or learn the modality but venture along the Algarve coast, to places like Vila do Bispo, Lagos or Portimão. Although the water is cold, it is certainly at a much more pleaseant temperature than on the rest of the country.

Martinhal Beach, Sagres


Salema Beach, Lagos

6- Algarve Sweet Tastes

Algarve offers unique sweets like Don Rodrigos, Fig Candies, Marzipan Sweets. Sweets with stories that go back to the region´s past. Almond and fig are almost always part of the recipe, as are cinnamon or eggs.

Do not resist to the temptation and discover these traditional sweets. After all, still a long way to get to the summer.

Don Rodrigo

Fig Candies


Mazapan Candies


Almond Cheeses (Almond and Egg)

7-Do a wine tasting

When we talk about wine we almost never think about the Algarve, but the truth is that the region is gaining ground in terms of wine production.

There are four Algarve areas that produce wine with designation of origin [DOC]: Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira.

Discover the Algarve Wine Route and stop by to sample some of the nectars produced in the South.

Terras da Luz (Wine from Quinta dos Correias, Tavira)



Fuzeta (Wine from Quinta dos Correias,Tavira)

Algarve in”Atlantic on Bike”

«Atlantic On Bike»: discovering the Algarve by bicycle

The Algarve Tourist Region (Região de Turismo do Algarve) formalized its adhesion to the project “Atlantic On Bike”.  The slogan is “A unique cycling destination for sustainable growth”. It aims precisely to develop the tourist sustainability of the destination based on the transnational cycle route EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Seashore Route.

The EuroVelo 1 route combines over 1000 miles the majestic fjords of Norway, the coast of Ireland and the sun-drenched beaches of Portugal.

From the Spanish border to Sagres, EuroVelo 1 crosses the Algarve on a course  called Ecovia do Litoral.

The Atlantic On Bike project is headed by the French department of the Pyrenees Atlantiques. This involves a total of 18 partners from seven countries.

The Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve (AMAL) and the Algarve Tourist Region,  will be responsible for communication and promotion.

The two Portuguese partners will manage a total budget of 350,000 euros over 36 months. Co-financing rates could reach 75 per cent of the projec´s elegible costs.

The specific objectives of this initiative are to stimulate, structure, promote and monitor the touristic offer of the Algarve. Increasing tourist demand by boosting the local economy and generating jobs. Provide conditions for tourists and resident population to enjoy cycling as a leisure activity.

EuroVelo network currently comprises 15 long-distance cycling routes linking the entire European continent and can be used by both holiday cyclists and residents on their daily commutes.
Many of these routes are completed, but others are still under development. It is estimated that by 2020 the network will be complete.

Algarve EuroVelo 1


Places in Algarve where you can do a Short Break

Gorgeous places in Algarve where  you can do a Short Break

There are options in the country of places in Algarve where you can do a Short Break.  We suggest four destinations, the hardest is to choose only one to visit.

1- Tavira

You can choose between tourist activities in the rural mountains, touring the picturesque town and surrounding villages, watch dolphins and flamingos while cruising the Ria Formosa by boat, or hit the white sandy beaches and swim in warm ocean waters.

You can also visit the Municipal Museum that is divided by two: Islamic Museum and Galery Palace.

Tavira is also known by her 21 churches.

Here you can visit the Ria Formosa Natural Park by boat cruises and eat a magnificent octopus salad.

Tavira´s Roman Bridge


2- Silves

The ancient capital of the Algarve has a the castle and the Museum. There are the House of Islamic and Mediterranean Culture,  the Castle of Silves, Interpretation Center of Islamic Heritage of Silves, Municipal Museum of Archeology, Museum of Costume and Traditions, Silves Pedagogical Farm and so many other things to do.

Silves is known as The Capital of Oranges.



View of Silves


3- South-West Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park

This nature park is the longest stretch of protected coastline in Portugal, covering an area of 76,000 hectares, around 80 km of which, located between the Odeceixe beach and the fishing village of Burgau, are part of the Algarvian coastal region.

There is a great variety of marine plants and the fauna comprises the greatest diversity of living organisms on the west coast of Portugal, including 750 identified plants and 200 species of birds throughout the Nature Park.

If you are a surf lover, these beautiful beaches are the  ideal place for the practice of this sports mode.


Odeceixe Beach


4-Alte, Loulé

It has been considered in the past the most typical Algarvian village.
Very narrow and steep streets up the hills recommend a walking tour.
Some interesting sites to visit; for example Fonte das Bicas, Fonte Grande and Olho do Boi.
Nearby you can visit the waterfalls of Pego do Vigário.


Alte´s Big Fontain


Portugal is one of the best countries to visit in 2018

Top 10 of the countries to visit in 2018

One more reason to come to Portugal. Lonely Planet made a Top 10 list with the countries to visit in 2018 and Portugal in there. Portugal was elected as one of the best countries to visit in 2018.


Portugal-One of the best countries to visit in 2018


Lonely Planet´s Best in Travel 2018 is there revealing the best countries, cities and regions to visit next year and Portugal is one of them.

The list that was made by travel experts reveals Portugal in the third position of the list. There are other countries like South Africa, Djiboouti, Mauritius and Chile.


Top 10 

1- Chile

2- South Korea

3- Portugal

4- Djibouti

5- New Zealand

6- Malta

7- Georgia

8- Mauritius

9- China

10- South Africa

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